We are an independent non-profit organization with the well being of women and youths at heart.

Integrated Women and Youth Empowerment Centre is a non-governmental, non-religious, and non-ethnic organization interested in the empowerment of women, youths, and children.
Its programmes and activities impact positively on the lives of particularly widows, orphans and vulnerable children, by helping to fight violence against women, assisting people in a crisis situation, and rehabilitating them to actively participate and benefit from national development processes.


IWAYEC was first registered with the Borno State Cooperative Department under the name Partsi Women Multipurpose Cooperative Society in 1989. The cooperative empowered women economically especially in the areas of income-generating activities and skills acquisition. The society conducted training in tie/die, soap and pomade making, knitting, food processing, packaging and preservation, micro-credit schemes, and market outlets for women.

The expansion of the cooperative, the scourge of HIV/AIDs, and the expectation of the communities in the late 19th Century prompted the members of the cooperative society to change its focus to a holistic approach to women, youths, children, and societal issues. The members realised that there are more opportunities to help others as a non-governmental organization than as a cooperative society.

The group then decided to register a Non-governmental organization: Integrated Women and Youth Empowerment Centre with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) of Nigeria on October 23, 2003. The main focus areas of the organization are: the holistic development of the vulnerable (indigent women, widows, orphans and youths), gender mainstreaming, economic empowerment, women’s right issues, peaceful co-existence, and healthy environment.

About Our Mission

Empowering women, youths, children, orphans and other vulnerable groups to live and participate actively in national development programmes through training, skills acquisition, research and documentation, charitable services, peer education, access to credit facilities, mentoring, counseling, advocacy, resource, mobilization, and networking.
Empowering women and youths for active participation in sustainable national development processes.
IWAYEC strives to maintain a high standard of accountability, integrity, and transparency in the conduct of all its activities. It is committed to excellence and cost-effectiveness in all its programmes so as to reach a greater number of people with its services.

It recognizes the values and strengths of networking with partners for building relationships with others who share our views, values, and objectives, so as to impact other people's lives and enhance sustainable development.
IWAYEC is one of the strongest indigenous non-governmental organizations in the northeast geo-political zone of Nigeria. Having considered the high level of poverty, illiteracy, and ignorance prevalent among women and youths in the zone, the headquarters of the centre was established in Maiduguri in 1989.

IWAYEC is in the best position to drive programmes that empower youths and women living in rural communities as it has been working a lot with grassroots organizations and groups.


To promote women and youth welfare issues.
Encourage the efficacy and cultural appropriateness of innovative programmes for women and youth
To engage in programmes that assist in disaster periods.
Promotion of skill which enhance income generation capacities.
Provide Micro-credit awareness and access for the target population.
Advocate for environmental sustainability through participation in environmental activities that enhance healthy living
Provide support for widows, orphans and vulnerable children.
Developing future leaders through peer Education and mentoring
Research into gender issues

Contact us

No. 25 Old Molai Road, Polo, P.O.Box 1252, Maiduguri, Borno State.
Tel: +234 808 555 53 74
Email: info@iwayec.org